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BLOG has just been launched today to help identify the magnitude of individual investors unable to obtain stock ownership certificates and who perhaps inadvertently purchased illegal "naked short" or "phantom" electronic "entitlements" instead of actual shares or have not received dividends.
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You work as hard as you possibly can, but the real questions is do you believe its possible with in our current stock market?
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It is a well known fact that those individuals who do things in a certain way get rich. Those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work remain poor.  This website is especially dedicated to the thousands of CMKX shareholders who purchased billions of physical Certificates of a currently privately owned company known as CMKM Diamonds Inc., to became bonified shareholders and receive a distribution of Entourage shares. 

It is common public knowledge that CMKX traided over 13 billion shares daily on the American Stock market while everyone watched these transactions on 2nd level with amazement.  This was something unheard of.   

Currently the SEC, a governing body is heavily involved in deciding the future of the thousands of families and children who have spent their life savings to purchase this stock on the American Stock Market.  Clicking on the Title above will take you to the official CMKX site FAQ, although you may also direct any additional questions by clicking on the email address below.  The company is in the process of reclaiming its assets which are very likely worth millions of dollars.

Media Campaign - please share the below:

Dear Senator :

As I mentioned in my previous emails, CMKX Shareholders are banding together, even across various online CMKX Boards and Paltalk forums, to initiate a “Media Campaign” that is intended to educate our politicians and the media on the extent of the fraud that was perpetrated against CMKX Shareholders, and shareholders in other publicly traded companies. Volunteers from across all 50 States, several territories, and even other countries, have agreed to support this effort as local “Coordinators”. I volunteered to be a Coordinator on behalf of our Colorado-based investors, which is the reason for this email.

The idea behind our campaign is to initially provide a bullet list of the offenses we believe were committed against CMKX Shareholders into the hands of the more influential media organs within each US state, Canadian provinces, and European countries. An initial “Communication Summary Sheet” has been published and distributed to our volunteer State Coordinators for distribution and united communications.

I have copied and expanded the list of alleged offenses below, for your review, which have been noted and documented by CMKX Shareholders and the company’s new management team. We would like your support in distributing this communications summary to your peers across the Senate; and, to reach out to the SEC directly and ask them to report back to the Senate with detailed information on why they did not proactively catch and stop these activities until late 2005; and, more importantly, tell us why they have not initiated civil proceedings, nor requested criminal actions to be taken, against the 70+ broker/ dealers who made a market in the CMKX Securities, and/ or earned commissions from the sales of CMKX securities. We would also like the questions, provided in the Summary Sheet below, answered in detail.


• Besides the 622 Billion “Unregistered” Shares that the SEC states company insiders inappropriately issued, information discovered by various CMKX Shareholders suggests the stock may have been oversubscribed by as much as 9 times that amount…. While other evidence suggests that at least 2.4 Trillion shares of company stock were illegally naked shorted by hedge funds, market makers, and brokerage firms.

o We want to know why the SEC has failed to address this concern with Shareholders, ever?

• The National Association Of Securities Dealers (NASD), now known as The Financial Industry Regulatory Industry (FINRA), did not bring proceedings against a well-known brokerage firm, Jefferies and Co, even after they sent a letter, on May 6, 2005, to both the NASD (FINRA) and the SEC admitting they had traded 111 billion shares of CMKX outside the system, or "ex-clearing".

o We want to know under what SEC Regulations this activity could be found legal and justified.

o We want to know if the SEC and/ or FINRA even investigated this issue.

• There is direct evidence that the SEC knew about, and was investigating, the illegal Pump and Dump of unregistered shares by company insiders as early as 2003; yet, the SEC did not bring a case forward until last year… and even then, they do not account for 363 Billion of the 662 billion unregistered/restricted company shares they claimed were inappropriately issued by company insiders from January 2003 and May 2005.

o We want to know what became of the original investigations.

o We want to know why it took the SEC until April 7, 2008 to file a formal complaint.

o We want to know why the Courts have still not ruled on this matter.

o We want to know why the SEC has not initiated further action against Urban Casavant when, by all appearances, he has snubbed the court and failed to appear before the court?

• No criminal proceedings, indictments, or prosecutions have resulted from the SEC’s investigations; even though the new CMKM Diamonds’ Management Team cites more than 200,000 pages of documentation resulted from those investigations. The new management team also claims they can show that more than 50,000 CMKX Investors lost at least $250 million from the fraudulent activities perpetrated by the Company’s founder, Urban Casavant, and other insiders, such as John Edwards.

o How could the SEC justify that level of investment in a case, and then not bring complete criminal proceedings… including the missing 363 Billion Unregistered shares that are not accounted for in the SEC’s Complaint?

o Why has the SEC not allowed any of the Depositions to be released to CMKX Shareholders?

o Why does the SEC Complaint only cite $53 Million in Shareholder losses from one Defendant (John Edwards), but fails to address the remaining losses presumably caused by the other defendants?

• Long term investors bought into CMKX due to the mineral claims that Urban Casavant has secured the rights to. CMKM Diamonds was and is a US Based company. Most of those claims are now mysterious held in control of another company, Shore Gold… a Canadian Company… and no one can provide shareholders with a rational explanation of how that could have happened. One SEC filing has relevant information, presented by the company’s geologist, blanked out in their public release. In the meantime, it’s clear that this once so-called “Moose Pasture” does have commercially viable diamond and other mineral deposits.

o Why is the SEC, and other law enforcement agencies, failing to disclose information on the apparent value of those claims, and the validity of those claims?

o Why hasn’t the SEC, and other government agencies, stepped forward to protect US Investor’s financial interests in these valuable claims?

• In late October of 2005, Urban Casavant, while Robert Maheu was still involved as Chairman of the Board, initiated a deal with Entourage Mining Ltd that exchanged various claims then held by CMKM Diamonds, in the Hatchet Lake and the Smeaton / Fort a la Carne area within the Province of Saskatchewan. The latter claims included 194,582 Hectares of land (~480,822 acres, or ~ 751.285 square miles). In addition, CMKM Diamonds’ agreement with Entourage requires the Entourage shares are to be distributed to CMKX Shareholders. Kevin West, then CEO of CMKM Diamonds, announces an Interplead action is to be initiated to ask the courts to decide who the lawful owners of the CMKX/ Entourage Securities are. Later, Entourage initiates a law suit against CMKM Diamonds to undo the agreement since the Entourage shares were never transferred to CMKX Shareholders.

o What is the current status of the Lawsuit between CMKM Diamonds and Entourage Mining Ltd. regarding the ownership of the claims that were transferred to Entourage?

o Why did the courts not enforce the terms of the agreement to have the Entourage shares distributed to CMKX Shareholders?

o Who now legally owns the rights to the claims referenced within the original Entourage/ CMKM Diamonds agreements?

• Citigroup and Smith Barney sponsored a CMKX company racing car during the “Got CMKX” marketing campaign, which was put in place to further pump up the share price and purchases.

o We want to know what role [and financial interests] those two companies had in the CMKM Diamonds.

• In addition, Knight Trading Group, now owned by CitiGroup, traded an average of about 3.36 billion CMKM shares a day, representing more than 40% of Knight's average daily share volume for the month of February 2004… and that level of trading by Knight continued over a three month period.

o We want to know how Knight Trading Group supported that level of trading, and where and how did they get that many shares to trade?

• Former SEC Enforcement Attorney, Roger Glenn, allegedly wrote bogus opinion letters for the company founder, Urban Casavant, and company insiders, such as John Edwards.

o We want to know why the SEC has not brought civil charges against Mr. Glenn for that activity.

• The same former SEC Enforcement Attorney, Roger Glenn, raised the company’s Authorized Shares (AS) from 500 billion shares to 800 billion shares.

o What possible scenario could have justified that amount of shares to be traded on the market?

o Again, we want to know why the SEC has not brought civil charges against Mr. Glenn for writing those Opinion Letters.

• CMKX Management, under the leadership of Mr. Robert Maheu, and with assistance from Attorneys Bill Frizzell and Donald Stoecklein, conducted the largest shareholder certificate pull in the history of Wall Street. The Cert Pull was undertaken to try to uncover where all the shares, then trading on the market, were originating from.

o We want to know why the SEC clearly worked to put a stop to that effort, before the cert pull could be completed.

o We want to know why the SEC forced the company to delist instead;

• The SEC Enforcement Department failed to account for 362 billion unregistered/restricted shares in civil complaint involving company founder and company insiders.

o We want to know why the SEC’s complaint only addresses 259 Billion shares issued and sold by John Edwards.

o We want to know why the SEC filed a complaint against NEVWEST, but not against many other broker/ dealers who helped clear the other 363 Billion Shares.

o We want to know why the SEC has not filed a single complaint against any of the 70+ brokers and market makers who made a market in CMKX Securities, and/ or made commissions from facilitating the sales of CMKX Securities.

• Current company management posts unprofessional CEO Updates and FAQs on its website rather than through professional Press Releases.

o We want to know why the SEC allows the new management team to post “Official” company information and their law suits, etc. on the company’s web site without “Safe Harbor” Statements, and not in formal Press Releases.

• SEC FOIA Department unjustly denies FOIA Requests submitted by company shareholders.

o We want to know why the SEC will not release any of the more than 100 Depositions they have taken related to this case to CMKX Shareholders.

o If the case is still considered “under investigation”, we want to know when the information and facts will be released to the public and shareholders under FOIA?

o We wonder why the SEC is allowed to hide so much information under FOIA… especially when the hiding of such information only makes it seem more likely that certain individuals at the SEC are protecting the interests of Wall Street more than the interests of investors.

• There is no evidence that the SEC has ever referred the company founder and company insiders to the DOJ or FBI to initiate criminal proceedings.

o With investor losses of ~$250 million, or more – assuming Naked Short Selling is also part of this – we want to know why criminal investigations and indictments haven’t come down?

• We understand the IRS/ Treasury Department has initiated a Grand Jury Investigation, out of Las Vegas, into CMKM Diamonds.

o We’d like to know the scope of the investigation that is being conducted by that Grand Jury

• We have heard reports that a similar Grand Jury investigation was held back in 2005.

o We would like to know the scope and the outcome of that Grand Jury investigation.

• There are reports that Robert Maheu initiated the CMKX Task Force that resulted in the Cert Pull, in order to force the many broker / dealers, market makers and hedge funds to the table, and compensate Shareholders for the fraud that these companies had participated in. Further, we understand funds were collected and put into a Trust for distribution to the Shareholders.

o We want to know why those funds have not been distributed.

Your assistance with this request, and getting the SEC, DOJ and the FBI to answer these questions, would be greatly appreciated.


Questions Regarding CMKX can be sent to the CEO:

Previous CMKX/101047025 ownership of assets:
(Please note the % in the braket is from the 22.5% UCAD ownership below)
25%(+%11.5) GEMM - Juina Mining (Nov.18/04 95Mil shares+ Nov.30 127Mil shares) Of which: Diagem is 49% owned by GEMM - super rich copper vein
12.5% Shane Resources (not Shore Gold)
10% CIM - Casavant International Mining - Royalty(Zinc)
100% CMKXTreme
80% ECPN - El Kapitan Mine "Cod River Mining 13 Claims in AZ"
60%(+%9) Nevada Minerals - 500K Acres - Athabasca Basin mine - Uranium
80% Yellow River mine - Gold
22.5% USCA/UCAD - U.S. Canadian Minerals
(+18%) COD Mine
(+%22.5)Nevada Magnetics
(+18%) Properly 1000 (Brazil Diamond mine - Diagem)
-CMKX owns 36.5% of GEMM, GEMM owns 49% of of Property 1000 (Diamonds in Brazil), hence CMKX owns 18% of Property 1000.

Entourage has issued 45,000,000 of its shares to CMKX in order to obtain most of the claims where they have identified substantial Uranium deposists in the Saskatchewan region.

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